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Kulikovo Polye Contest 2012
Written by Saulius (LY5W)   
Tuesday, 04 September 2012 20:10


Laikas ir data 0000-2359z rugsejo 8d.

CW, tik 20m.

Kategorijos: H-HP, L-LP, S-SUPER , H- Hero of folk Russian legends (LY tame tarpe).

H kategorijos dalyviai:

"Hero of folk Russian legends"
Архангельская (R1O),
Брянская (R2Y, R3Y, R5Y),
Московская (R2D, R3D, R3F, R2H, R3H, R5D, R5F, R5H),
Нижегородская (R2T, R3T, R5T),
Новгородская (R1T),
Псковская (R1W),
Ростовская (R6L, R6M, R6N, R6O, R7L, R7M, R7N, R7O),
Смоленская (R2L, R3L, R5L),
Тверская (R2I, R3I, R5I),
Тульская (R2P,R3P,R5P),
Литва (LY),
г.Москва (R2A, R3A, R5A)

RST ir QSO eil. Nr. stotys dirbancios is Kulikovo lauko duod 599KP.

LOGai iki 2012.09.23 ----> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2011m. rezultatai:

#  Call                QSO     Pts   Total

1  RW3PN                45      84      84
2  LY4G                 30      48      48
3  RM5P                 25      47      47

Last Updated on Wednesday, 05 September 2012 06:36