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 Subject :WPX CW 2019.. 01-05-2019 02:26:41 
Saulius (LY5W)
Joined: 19-01-2010 15:05:12
Posts: 2,017
Location: Kažkur žemyn upe, palei Nemuną
Kokie planai?
Pas mane buvo 40m, bet va Fabio GSF viska sujauke, dabar visa diena kaip nesavas.
Ir norisi, ir nelabai, seniai nebebuvau, butu idomu ir smagu pailseti nuo darbu, vanduo bus tas pats, turistu dar nedaug, namelis ant kranto aiskiai laisvas. Pamastysiu, dar laiko yra.

Fabio via CQ-Contest

Tue, Apr 30, 10:32 PM (3 hours ago)
to cq-contest
Hello Friends!

I am happy to invite good CW operators to take part in the CQ WPX Contest from our CONTEST QTH here in Sicily.

As some of you know I have now a daughter (Flavia, 14 month old) so I was, and I am, very busy and it wasn't possible to be QRV from Arcibessi Contest QTH. Antonello, IT9EQO, station engineer, invited me to organize a new effort for this coming CQ WPX CW Contest and we decided to try a M/M with our six two radio stations. Each band has its radio setup with double Elecraft K3 or K3+TS590 and we can listen/operate in the band while running operator calls CQ (interlock is provided via hardware). Beverage setup is awful in low bands as the high bands' antennas are. We can transmit to different directions and receive to one of them. Stacked antennas on 10, 15 and 20 with fixed double antennas to USA and ASIA. Single rotary antenna on top of the towers. 3 elements Yagi on 40, with vertical four square as second antenna.

Weather conditions will be very good at the end of May, so if you want to join us you can consider a vacation to the southern beaches of Sicily (very cheap rentals for beach houses in this period).

Please look to Ryanair low cost fares to Catania airport (one hour by car to our station) or to Palermo or Naples. Palermo (my QTH) is three and half hour trip to the station, Naples is one night trip by train.

Our goal is to have a minimum of eight operators and to have three stations QRV 48Hrs and five stations QRV during sunset. Propagation during last days was very good on 20 meters with signals coming from USA very strong till 01 GMT. On 40 meters signal are super strong and I suppose we will have a super signal on 80 meters also with our 4 square full size verticals on that band.

You can check prop looking at the IT9GSF-# CW Skimmer (on the RBN). It uses a 4 elements 20 mts Yagi as RX antenna.

Please contact me if you are interested. Costs will be divided between operators and I suppose a fee of abt 100/150 euro per operator.

73 de IT9GSF, Fabio - One of II9P team.

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