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 Tema :Re:Įdomūs puslapiai.. 24-02-2019 12:06:50 
Vytenis (LY2KZ)
prisijungęs: 25-10-2010 17:42:30
Pranešimų: 1,237
Vieta: Kažkur Dzūkijoj

Kiek neužmiršiu ir nenusibos, anonsuosiu NCJ, gal ir QST naujausius numerius.

šiuo metu paskutinis NCJ Kovo/Balandžio mėnesiai:

Jame, be reguliarių temų, yra:

  • Pasakojimas apie ZF9CW (by ZF9CW)
  • Elecraftui 20 metų (by K0MD)
  • Priėmimo antenų transformatoriai ir RF droseliai (by K9YC)
  • Apie Expert Electronics MB1 SDR transiverį (VA2PV)

Taip pat pastovios rubrikos:

  • Book Review: Digital Storage Oscilloscopes for Amateur Radio
  • The Little Pistol Pages
  • Workshop Chronicles
  • Next-Gen Contesters
  • Contest Tips, Tricks & Techniques
  • Remote Contesting
  • Digital Contesting
  • VHF-UHF Contesting! 

Bei keletas kitų.

Pilnas turinys http://www.arrl.org/files/file/NCJ/March-April2019/TOFC.pdf

Man įdomios būtų temos:

  • Priėmimo antenų transformatoriai ir RF droseliai (by K9YC)
  • Apie Expert Electronics MB1 SDR transiverį (VA2PV)
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Paskutinį kartą redaguotas: 24-02-2019 12:07:35 Redagavo Vytenis (LY2KZ) Redagavimo priežastis
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 Tema :Re:Įdomūs puslapiai.. 05-02-2019 15:47:26 
Vytenis (LY2KZ)
prisijungęs: 25-10-2010 17:42:30
Pranešimų: 1,237
Vieta: Kažkur Dzūkijoj

Kai kas žino, kai kas nežino, čia https://www.contestuniversity.com/files/ yra rinkinys mano manymu neblogos informacijos iš Dayton Contest University.

Kad būtų aiškiau, turinys toks:


K1DG:  Radio Contesting – Having Fun is Easy
W3LPL:  How to Improve your Transmitting Antennas for Low Solar Activity
N0AX:  RadioSport Contesting Hints and Kinks
N0AX:  Hints and Kinks – Technique and Station
N6TV:  CW and RTTY Skimmers and the Reverse Beacon Network
W5ZN:  Utilizing Digital modes FT8 and MSK144 for Competitive Advantage in VHF Contests
W3LPL:  Easy to Build Low Band Receiving Antennas for Small and Large Lots
N0AX: Grounding and Bonding for the Little Pistol and Medium Gun
K1DG:  How to Read and Learn from your Log-Checking Report
W0YK:  Having Fun with RTTY Contesting
W3LPL:  How to Adapt your DX Contest Strategies for Low Solar Activity
K2YWE:  Contest Operating Best Practices
N6TV:  The Advantages of Waterfall Displays for Contesting and DXing
W0YK:  Pursuing RTTY Contesting to the Limit
K3LR:  Some Thoughts About Contesting & Optimization
W3YQ:  Antenna/Tower Reliability
NC0B:  2018 Contest Radio Review

Pažiūrėkite, gal "užves" prieš CQWPX.
Yra ir senesnių metų informacijos - rasite patys.

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 Tema :Re:Įdomūs puslapiai.. 17-01-2019 12:33:01 
Vidas (LY2SA)
prisijungęs: 24-01-2012 18:52:14
Pranešimų: 525
Ačiū, Vyteni, už nuorodas. Įdomu paskaitinėti.
Ir labai gerai, kad duodi ir trumpą anonsą.

Vidas LY2SA
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 Tema :Re:Įdomūs puslapiai.. 17-01-2019 11:43:38 
Vytenis (LY2KZ)
prisijungęs: 25-10-2010 17:42:30
Pranešimų: 1,237
Vieta: Kažkur Dzūkijoj

Dar viena man pasirodžiusi įdomi nuoroda http://kf6hi.net/radio/SNR.html

Atkreipkit dėmesį į du grafikus su skirtingų modų SNR reikalingu QSO pravesti. SNR - santykis Signalas/Triukšmas

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 Tema :Re:Įdomūs puslapiai.. 17-01-2019 01:01:20 
Saulius (LY5W)
prisijungęs: 19-01-2010 15:05:12
Pranešimų: 1,804
Vieta: Kažkur žemyn upe, palei Nemuną
Čia dar apie čekus:
(man rodos tai pasaka)

radioamatér ok1yq@centrum.cz via contesting.com

Sat, Jan 12, 5:32 PM (5 days ago)
to topband
Dear folks,
I was alerted ongoing discussion around my score on the 160m band. Mainly I am frustrated by questioning of the longest-running DXCC program and the work of the people at the ARRL desk. It is but a matter of those who doubt it. I personally spent over 55 years on HF bands and on the TopBand mainly. I was quite respected low bands DXer as wrote me Martti, OH2BH in his observations to the events of August 2016 / see further /. I don't want to bore much but there is a story. I had got my the first DXCC 160m award on my call OK1RD with approved score there 326 countries in 2008. Since 2009 year I went to EME on 6m and further on 2m band and was occasionally active on 160m band for a "new one" only. A few years after when I reached 100 DXCC countries on 2m band I asked for the DXCC award for this band. Unfortunately I was not in good relation with that time DXCC award manager NC1L ( SK nw ) and he refused awarding me on 2m DXCC award on call OK1RD. The time is running and suddenly
Mr. Nigel Cawthorne, G3TXF a avid the DX expeditions man published this article         " http://www.g3txf.com/…ake-C21.html " <http://www.g3txf.com/…ake-C21.html> in August 2016.
He claims in his article that I (OK1RD ) fabricated evidence of C21XF QSL card for the propose to get C21 country confirmed on the 160m band. It started up an offensive against me with the purpose to destroy my over 55 years activity on the TopBand. 
I have got enormous numbers of messages in which even well known HAMs called me swindler. Therefore I started investigation how this case could even happen. My standpoints and facts have been already published.  But nobody trusted my arguments so I decided to apply for DXCC 160m a new award on my other call OK1YQ to clean up my name. Thereby I became among the top of the TopBand DXers again and it triggered a wave of hates and doubts again. The ARRL DX desk had no other choice then to initiate an auditing process of the me submitted according to the article 13 of the  DXCC rules. See below :
13.  DXCC Audit Process: In order to maintain continuing program integrity and for quality control purposes, DXCC routinely conducts audits of credits claimed for DXCC awards. To verify the authenticity of the QSOs claimed, audits may be conducted on claims for QSO credits for current applications, or credits already in a DXCC award account. Audits may include, but are not limited to:
Checking online logs (preliminary check);
Contacting DX stations for log extracts;
Contacting QSL managers for log extracts; and
Verifying credits submitted via Logbook of the World (LoTW)
Audits are generally conducted on a random basis. Response to audit requests to DXCC applicants are required. Failure, or refusal, to respond to these requests may result in removal of the credits requested by DXCC and/or removal of the awards pertaining to the audit.  Events may also lead to disqualification from the DXCC program.
Costs for postage, by a secure and traceable method to, and from, DXCC will be covered by the ARRL Desk.
Audits that reveal discrepancies may lead to an investigation by the Awards Committee.
All my 343 QSLs passed through in details this process and I am convinced nobody of you who challenge my score on 160m band had to pass this sort of audit. So please stop useless discussion on this unquestionable fact.
I think there are more important matters concerning our hobby and the TopBand mainly. For example I tell you story :
I met one HAM with call OK7...... who during 10 years of activity on the TopBand reached score on the 160m DXCC standings which-if I remember well- I reached this score after 40 years my activity on this band. He sneered at me that I invested during almost 6 decades a lot of money and personal effort and he told that it is much easy to hire a remote QTH site on the other continents and then is quite easy to work for e.g. Pacific area than for us in EU . This one is destroying our hobby now in the future.
So I would recommend to those who question the work of the ARRL to turn the attention to this problem.
Let me wish all of you here a steady health in 2019 and especially for us over 70 mainly.
73 Jarda, OK1YQ, OK1RD, OK7XX

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 Tema :Įdomūs puslapiai.. 16-01-2019 15:58:35 
Vytenis (LY2KZ)
prisijungęs: 25-10-2010 17:42:30
Pranešimų: 1,237
Vieta: Kažkur Dzūkijoj

Užvedu atskirą temą, kurią kartas nuo karto papildysiu nuorodomis, kurios man patiko.

Pradedu nuo http://blog.ok2zi.cz/

OK2ZI, aka OK7Z(?), blogas čekų kalba. Nereiktų labai gasdintis čekų kalbos - kas gerai moka rusų, tas mintį supras ir čekiškai. Pagaliau - yra google.translate. Vertinga čia praktiška techninė informacija pagrįsta matavimais, skaičiavimais ar gatavomis konstrukcijomis. Pvz. jo matavimai rodo, kad beveridžams geriau naudoti BN-73-6802, o ne gerai pažįstamą BN-73-202. Taip pat pateiktas koaksialinių relių izoliacinis slopinimas rodo, kad pvz. rusiška REV-14 praktiškai netinkama naudoti jau 2m bande, nekalbant apie aukštesnius. Man patiko USB Contest keyboard. Yra kitų naudingų dalykėlių.

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