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Sveiki Svečias   [Prisijungti]
 Tema :Hawaii QSO Party.. 30-07-2019 11:55:41 
Saulius (LY5W)
prisijungęs: 19-01-2010 15:05:12
Pranešimų: 2,011
Vieta: Kažkur žemyn upe, palei Nemuną
Sveiki, truputis egzotikos. Dalyvavau ne kartą ir visada yra aktyvumas. KH6 šiokia tokia egzotika, bet yra galimybė pasidaryti trukstamą diapazoną ar modą.

Please save the dates: Aug 24-25 for the Hawaiian QSO Party

The HQP will run from 0400Z 24 August to 0359Z 26 August. Work as many HI stations on as many bands and modes as you can. Complete rules:

Please report your score to

Please send in your log, no matter how big or how small here:

Non Cabrillo logs of any format can be emailed to me directly although Cabrillo is much preferred.

The only changes from before is a new definition of the district boundaries which are based on zip codes. A map can be found here:

While most QSO parties use their counties as multipliers, here in Hawaii we only have five counties so we've expanded the multiplier list to use “districts” instead which roughly follow the ancient Moku.

Also, the KS and OH QSO parties will be running at the same time. There's no problem working those folks and logging them with the county names they give you assuming your logging program allows you to do that. Send a copy of your log to those QSO Party organizers and also to HQP at the above URL Note, if you work someone in Lana'i please use the abbreviation LNI rather than LAN which may be confused with LANE county in Kansas.

All digital modes are considered “digital” so there are three modes to use: CW, Phone, Digital.

Hopefully, the WX will cooperate and we'll have some excellent conditions.

With Aloha,

Alan AD6E / KH6TU

HQP Chairman

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